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Welcome to the Download Page for the Location Derived Messaging System Patent.

This Patent describes an end to end system and method where publishers can develop content to be delivered to recipients primarily based on the recipient's location in order for the recipient to obtain immediate gratification of fulfillment and publishers can obtain immediate feedback as to the success of their marketing and advertising campaign.

This system and method will result in highly specific and targeted marketing and advertising and eliminate the needless cost of junk e-mail, spam e-mail and annoying pop-up windows as a marketing and advertising means.

Now recipients can be consumers that leverage immediate discounts, coupons and redemption codes using their wireless devices and are directed to a location where their product and service requests can be immediately fulfilled. 

I have licensed 4 Patents and 4 Patent Applications to 3M.
I have licensed 1 Patent to General Dynamics.
I wish to license this Patent.
If you are interested in licensing this Patent, in part or in its entirety, non exclusively or exclusively, please contact me at Patents@layson.net. There are no licenses or assignments at the present time and I am the sole inventor.